Retail consumer trends in 2019

February 19, 20190

How are consumer emotions and expectations affecting retailers in 2019

Are you seeing a drastic drop in consumer engagement with your brand and products? Would you like to join the ranks of Amazon and Apple products in customer loyalty and engagement?

  1. How emotional are your processes?

As we continue to evolve in a multi-channel world, customers will increasingly shape and dominate our business processes as they can buy from anywhere and at any time and are looking for a more personalized experience that match their preferences.

How can an integrated ERP solution provide the emotional experience your customer is searching for?

An integrated system with intuitive, functional, scalable capabilities can help you personalize the customer experience with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Some retailers are already joining the bandwagon and adopting new ways of doing business using fully integrated ERP systems providing them with new ways of acquiring products, customer retention, upsell opportunities and more.

2. How are you meeting customer expectations in the purchase life cycle?

Are you manually forecasting inventory replenishment orders using Excel sheets, or manually inputting products in the POS system under the miscellaneous tab? On your website, is the quantity of products available updated in real-time as the items are being checked out and purchased?

How can an integrated ERP solution connect customers with real time with up to date inventory and package delivery updates?

Thanks to unified multi-platform capabilities, consumers can see real-time, up to date inventory across all channels. Redesigning the store’s physical layout and design can revamp the look and feel of the physical store but upgrading the backbone of the business resources management system and processes will provide a ripple effect in the company’s performance as a whole.

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