(Updates) LS Central 13.03 and the importance of cybersecurity

February 25, 20190

(Updates) LS Central 13.03 and the importance of cybersecurity for e-commerce and in-person transactions

Cybersecurity is one of the first concerns of e-commerce. Without proper regulations put in place, online retailers expose themselves and their customers to the risk of fraud.

From small and medium-sized businesses to large companies, all can suffer significant damage to brand reputation and customer experience when transaction security is compromised.

The extent of the damage is felt in the number of clients affected, the width of the operation, the hours spent on recovery, the financial losses, and more.

Having the right tools in place will minimize and prevent the threat of fraud and instill customer confidence.

Discover the new features of LS Central 13.03 and how they complement cyber security.

New features:

1. Safer transactions with the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) feature.

  • For the LS Central POS, improved electronic transactions include provisions for tips, cash back, and increased data storage for all instances (EFT).
  • For mobile POS, there is a new EFT plug-in, AltaPay PAX A920.

2. An enhanced search function for the mobile inventory app that provides search results that best match the searched keywords. This produces more specific results for the staff, which allows them to sell more inventory and faster.

To learn more about how the LS Retail software  can help you meet your expectations as a retailer, contact us at info@group-era.com.

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Learn more about LS  Retail

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These are just a few examples of improvements to the LS Retail family to optimize the retail processes. Find out how to stay ahead of these changes and stay ahead of your biggest competitor with the LS Retail methodology.

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