The human side of ERP implementations

March 13, 20190

A successful ERP implementation will positively impact your company’s growth, foster togetherness, accelerated processes and results to reach your optimal performance KPIs.

ERP brings people together, turns business concerns into new opportunities, ideas into realizations and ultimately realigns your company to reach new heights.

Some of you reading this post probably don’t realize it, but an integrated ERP is an integral part of a business’ core, everyday function. We’ve been there for our clients when they made a new acquisition and needed to upgrade to a more performing and integrated ERP system. We were there when one of our clients faced labour shortages and struggled to meet deadlines of its booming business and implemented an ERP system that streamlined processes eliminating the need for additional labour, provided real time updates on order changes accessible on all platforms.  We were there to advise one of our clients when they needed a system that was integrated “on-premise” with cloud capabilities, that was scalable and able to grow as the business’ operations grew. A lot of booming companies today, rely on an integrated ERP system to be their right hand when going up against their industry’s top competition. In fact, just have a look at how to conduct your daily communications/transactions with your clients, suppliers and colleagues…

But what do you when ERP implantations don’t go as planned? What can you do to avoid the most common ERP implementation mistakes that lead to failed ERP implementations?

Resistance to change

  • When the project manager underestimates the efforts required and due to human nature, the staff is reluctant to change


  • The integrator will put in place a change management plan, will propose an action plan adapted to the client’s needs.
  • The client will be more receptive to observing the efforts required for the successful ERP implantation for a business with 100 employees and more

Underestimated impact on the organisation as a whole

Often times, the clients will expect for the integration team to replicate the same processes they currently have in place with the new ERP system to be implemented. This is the first sign of a mis-communication between the integrator and the client. They must demonstrate to the client how the selected ERP solution with meat their growing business needs.


  • The integrator is to set up a workshop to analyse the client’s business needs in order to determin the proper solution to match their expectations.
  • The integrator will then propose a detailed proposal that will reflect its understand of the client’s needs and available ressources and pre-requisites. This will allow the client to review the proposal and make any changes they see fit before committing to the new ERP implementation.

Availibility of staff affected to this project

  • If the implementation strategy requires effort from an internal team, their availibility is crucial to a successful implementation.


  • It is important to have Human Resources involved in the apointment of staff dedicated to the implementation project and to have a clear understanding of the time and effor required from the affected staff.

Avoid modifying the proposed ERP system

  • The integrator will propose the solution that best fits the clients’ needs. When the clients make adjustements to the proposed solution with add-ons and upgrades, they can become more complex, costly and risky and this may increase the risks of failed ERP implementation.


  • It  is important that the client recognizes the role of the integrator in their ERP implementation process, which is to  advise them with the best solution to match their business needs. The integrator will propose a solution aligned with their business needs with the less add-ons as possible in order to maximise profitability, efficiency and productivity. This process is done with an open communication and exchange between the client and the integrator.

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