Take Control over your Business.

April 14, 2020

Take Control over your Business. Know your metrics.

Nowadays are synonyms of changes. As a manager, you promptly acted on the new priorities. Of course. But what about your finances, accounting, sales and projects? Do you have a clear mind over their status, now?

In the coming weeks, the degree of precision of the vision you have on your business will be proportional to the quality of your decisions. A simple management principle, which will be of crucial importance in the months following the Covid-19 shutdowns, where everything will be different, and of course for the continuity of your business.


Integrated systems such as ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) centralize all company’s data, so they become accessible from anywhere, all the time. From accounting to sales, purchases, stock management or customer interactions, an ERP platform provides an end-to-end business overview, in real time.

The integration of all your data gives you access to an infinite number of dashboards and reports, rich, revealing, with a high level of precision. Dashboards can be preconfigured or customizable to your specific requirements.

In some cases, dashboards can even combine local and cloud-based data, providing a consolidated view, no matter where the data is located.


The dashboard in the example below gives us an instant view over the company’s current revenues, compared to the ones budgeted, and the number of real opportunities compared to those expected. Certainly the kind of data business owners would like to get their hands on in these uncertain times.

These metrics will allow you to quickly master the current situation, make the necessary adjustments and take informed decisions.

With an experience in the ERP business solutions deployment of more than 15 years, the ERA Consulting Group can support and guide you. Contact us to share your questions.

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