LS Retail for Apparel and Footwear POS

Become a leader in today’s ultra-competitive apparel and footwear fashion market

With the global apparel market amounting to some $1.2 trillion per year and per capita spending averaging $1,500 in the U.S. and Europe, there are massive opportunities for retailers. But there are also massive and emerging challenges. New technologies like the mobile phone have put brand-savvy consumers in the driver seat, leaving retailers scrambling to maintain a consistent, rewarding, responsive and reliable customer brand experience.

Coupled with a competitive landscape, long manufacturing lead times, bi-annual buying cycles, complex size, color and style forecasting, omni-channel consumer expectations, in-store stock availability and customer service challenges, it goes without saying that fashion retailers must be flexible and adaptable in order to thrive.

A cost-effective POS and fully integrated back-office
retail software solution

LS Fashion is an all-in-one retail software solution that integrates your entire fashion retail business from POS operations to accounting and inventory management. Providing omni-channel visibility, enhancing the flexibility of POS terminals, reducing store administration, and ensuring real-time data lookup are just a few of the capabilities that LS Fashion offers to help increase revenue and reduce operating costs for your fashion retail business.

What can LS Retail for apparel and footwear do for your business?

• Ensure accurate financial data
• Complete control of your business
• Combine online & offline shopping

• Customized to fit your business
• Extend your POS terminal
• Provide real time data lookup

Some of our

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