An Essential Piece of the Puzzle in this New Era.

For the past few weeks, Quebecers have been teleworking. For some of us, the adaptation meant a lot of reorganization and efforts. It was a time to reexamine our best practices and ways we can improve on.

The First Winners.

We now see the emergence of the first winners of this crisis: those who have best adapted to social distancing and confinement. One of the key success of these winning organizations has been the communication of clear objectives and procedures throughout the company, including physical distance measures. It also implicated that the management and every employee were on the same page. It involved breaking down existing silos and building strong relationships that allowed mutual support and barrier-free exchanges among the departments of sales, operation, finance, etc.

Breaking down the silos and maintain communication across departments
were essential pieces of the puzzle.

To achieve this harmony, visibility of all information across the company is key. To take quick and informed decisions, each team must have access to the same information, in real time, and understand the guidelines of the new corporate strategy.

Lack of harmonization often stems from a lack of clarity and conflict or too many priorities. It is characterized by a low level of employee engagement and by working in silos. Top-performing companies demonstrated clarity of purpose and alignment around a succinct set of core values and initiatives. Effective compensation reinforces these values, linking strategy to execution.

Harmonization, using an Integrated Management Platform.

An all-in-one integrated management platform could help you harmonize your processes and break down silos with increased visibility of all business information. An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform brings together all data from all departments in one place. It becomes the central information platform, accessible by everyone, anytime, from anywhere. It is the harmonization tool par excellence.

Groupe conseil Era is specialized in ERP software implementations. Much more than a simple supplier, we act as a business partner and we advise and support companies in their search for efficiency. Contact one of our experts to know more.

Break down the silos

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