The Cloud and its Benefits.

The cloud, a word on everyone’s lips. But what is it exactly? What are the real benefits for businesses, especially in these tumultuous times? I met with Ivan Farias, Office 365 Consultant at Era Consulting Group, who is passionate about this technology. What he had to say was revealing.

The Cloud, What is it Exactly?

We could say it’s a “computer” that you don’t need to keep on your worksite and in which you can store all your data. In fact, the cloud consists of mega-servers that stores data and make them accessible from computers, phones or any other preferred electronic platforms.

One of the first cloud services was web hosting in the 90s. Today there are a wide variety of cloud services, and most of them are divided into Software as a Service(SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which is a growing craze in the market! But why is it creating that much interest?


Our expert, Ivan Farias, is undeniable on this point: the greatest advantage of the cloud is the flexibility it provides to businesses. By storing data off-site, cloud computing services offer full access, from anywhere and on demand.

Many applications and software now have their own cloud versions. As an example, Ivan gives the name of Office 365, the cloud version of Microsoft Office, which allows companies to use the software according to the plan that best suits their needs by choosing the number of licenses and pick from the applications they desire. The cloud is tailor-made: you pay for what you use, only for the time period required. It can’t be more flexible!

PEACE of Mind

External storage not only gives you access to greater flexibility but also allows you to empty your internal server rooms. ‘’No need to worry about maintenance, no electricity to pay anymore, no security to ensure and a large amount of space free for other purposes,” says our expert.

In addition, many applications and software hosted in the cloud are self-managed through automatic updates and data cleaning. All this maintenance done externally frees up internal IT resources for more urgent needs!

The figure on the side clearly shows the accountability level differences between companies using a traditional (on premise) or a cloud (Software as a Service) infrastructure.

The EXPERT’s Advice

In these times of confinement, and even for the future, Ivan advises us to move our infrastructures to the cloud. “Imagine you just find out your servers are down. You must urgently drive to the office, find the problem, try to fix it, while all your employees work offline. You don’t want that kind of situation to happen. Save yourself a lot of headaches and go for cloud services,” he says.

ERA Consulting Group, with 15 years of experience in ERP implementations, can guide you through the wisest choices. Please don’t hesitate to send us your questions.

Flexibility Throughout the Company

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