Together, we can make a difference.

Portait of Era: An active local business

Buying local is a growing trend in Quebec and very meaningful in these times of uncertainty. As individuals, we each own a huge power: to decide on our buying habits. The mandatory, but essential, business shutdowns have a significant impact on the Quebec economy. Let’s reinvigorate it by increasing our local consumption. Each little gestures will make a difference.

Here is the portrait of a company very active in Quebec: Era Consulting Group.

A Quebecer’s partner

The Era Consulting Group was born in 2004. Its head office is in Montreal, with a satellite office in Quebec and employs over 75 people. For more than 15 years, the ERA group has supported Quebec companies in the manufacturing, service and distribution sectors in their quest for growth and profitability.

The group specialises in the integrated management solutions deployments, commonly known as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). These systems, powered by the renowned names of Microsoft and Oracle, integrate all company’s departments data’s to deliver an exceptional overview on all the accountings, operations, supplies, resources management, sales, etc. It goes without saying that using this powerful tool, the hundreds of Quebec companies supported by the group have experienced growth and development throughout the years.

Personnalizations, the philosophy

The company counts over fifty consultants who work directly at the customers during implementations, which could represent a one-month stay in small businesses, to a few months for larger companies.

Priorities are always defined according to the company specific needs. Era’s employees are certified resources with very deep expertise in specific modules and applications, to meet very special company requirements. For example, in the manufacturing sector, some companies have specific needs for manufacturing project management, others for co-product management, while others for maintenance, imports or EDI. The group has a specialized resource in each area.

Era is certainly among the companies that contributes to the Quebec halo and is particularly proud to continue to support its economy during these exceptional times. Let’s stick together. Let us be inspired and touched by a social and economic conscience and play our part, for the health of Quebecers!

Let’s encourage the local economy.

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