LS Central

Run your Retail Business
From a Single Software Platform

LS Central, the ERP that Simplifies Retail.


Discover the ERP specifically created for the retail industry. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and LS Retail, LS Central brings together more than 2,000 companies, with more than 40,000 points of sale and 100,000 sales terminals around the world.

The solution manages all aspects of omnichannel retailing, including in-store sales (POS), online sales and commercial sales, as well as returns, purchasing and inventory management. It also manages the assortment plan, inbound and outbound transport, and warehousing.

Reduce your Costs, Save Time

Simplify your IT environment. By operating your business from a centralized system, you:

    • centrally control prices, stocks, offers, orders, customers and product content
    • have access, at the right time, to all the crucial information for your business



Increase Customers Loyalty

Obtain clear and real-time information on the habits, preferences and behaviors of your customers, and use it to:

  • align prices and optimize replenishment
  • create effective loyalty programs

Optimize your Operations

Maintain full control over your business. LS Central offers features created especially for:

    • optimize personnel management and improve performance
    • reduce the workload with the help of automation
    • avoid stockouts
    • reach your target profit margin

A Complete Solution

Point of Sales

With LS Central, manage your points of sale more easily than ever and reduce training times. In case of shortage, allow your employees to check the stocks in real time in different points of sales. Provide your staff with referral tools to better advise their customers.

Product Management

Promote your products and points of sale in a bulk or by store and items, apply prices and offers for all your sales channels or specifically. Manage your products more easily using multiple hierarchies, attributes (ex: color) or imported lists.




LS Central allows you to optimize your inventory management to reduce stockouts through a combination of manual and automated tools. Use automatic and manual replenishments using forecasting method considering sales history, seasonality and holidays.

Staff Management

Maximize the satisfaction of your employees by giving them more control, by giving them more information at the point of sale so they develop their autonomy. Increase your productivity by more efficient planning on the number of resources needed. Control your personnel costs, whether it is by point of sales, region, season, etc.


Provide a seamless shopping experience on all your channels. Connect your points of sale with your electronic commerce portals so the flow of information is always accurate (price, availability, stocks). Give your customers more control over their purchases, with the option of customized delivery, either it is home, point of interest, or store pick-up.



With LS Central, take better decisions with real-time reports and KPIs to see your organization’s financial situation firsthand, at a glance. Create custom reports and decide what information you want to track for a customized view of your business.

A Solution Designed for your Business

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Get a complete overview of your activities, rationalize your inventory, optimize your POS terminals and provide your customers with an exceptional shopping experience across all channels.

logo restaurant


Simplify your operations, control your food costs, improve communication between the restaurant and the kitchen, and serve food faster and with no mistake.

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Gas Stations

Manage all your gas station operations, from pump service to convenience store, all with one software solution.

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Reduce costs and improve your customer experience with fully integrated sales and dispensing software with pharmacy-specific functionalities.

Why Choosing Era?

For more than 15 years, Era has been much more than an ERP provider. We act as a partner in the success of customers. We excel in ERP implementations and we master support, advisement, and coaching. We’re there for you.

With more than a hundred clients in Canada and the rest of the world, Groupe conseil Era has acquired undeniable expertise thanks to a team of seasoned experts.