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Microsoft’s excellence and notoriety

A Complete, Proven, and Flexible ERP


With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP, discover the future, at your fingertips. In a world of constant technological change, gain control over your entire organization. With Dynamics 365 BC, connect your products, data, and customers. Improve each of your departments and benefit from increased cooperation between them.

A Flexible, Cloud-based or On-premises Solution

Whether for rental, hosted (SaaS) or local location (on-premises), Business Central offers complete integrated management (ERP) solutions for all types of businesses.

An Integrated Management System

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central applications all work together and respond to each other. By connecting your sales, operations, finance, service, marketing and commerce, have a complete real-time view of your organization at all times.

A software packaged and designed to your needs

Business Central is a complete and customizable platform designed to improve your productivity. Our team can provide and develop professional solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Discover the functionalities of the
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP

Manage your Finances

Thanks to dashboards and KPIs, get a global vision on your budgets and your financial and accounting reports. Benefit from a complete solution for your accounting, thanks to the automation of financial processes, budget control, as well as financial planning and analysis.

Optimize your Supply Chain

Evaluate optimal timing for inventory restock with built-in intelligence, system-generated suggestions, and a holistic view of your inventory. Interact with your suppliers proactively and economically. Use sales and stock-out forecasts to automatically create purchase orders.

Reach your Optimal Production Level

Produce within your supply and capacity constraints. List salable items, raw materials, sub-assemblies, or resources in BOM form. Use assembly orders to replenish each inventory items.

Deliver your Projects on Time and on Budget

Track your client projects using timesheets and reporting. Manage your resource levels with planning by capacity. Take optimal decisions with real-time insight into project status.

Speed up your Sales

Using data analytics, focus on the best leads and connect your customers to the right products. Improve your ROI with a scoring system for opportunities and prospects. Enjoy increased collaboration between your salespeople with a powerful contact tracking system and sales documents sharing.

Manage your Warehouse Efficiency

Optimize your storage capacities by setting up locations and zones. Streamline receiving and storage by using templates to determine optimal items location based on type, size and capacity of the location.

Honor Service Contracts

Get a complete overview of your service tasks and scenarios to efficiently assign staff to work orders. Ensure a smooth transition from sales to after-sales. Keep track of repair information.

Designed to fit your specific needs,

discover the applications developed by Era.

Expense Accounts Management

The expense account management module allows you to track the expenses of employees, on the road or at the office. The system allows cash and credit card purchases management as well as corporate accounts reimbursement and accounting. With this module, reduce inaccuracies and save time at the end of the month.

Acomba Data Migration Tool

The data import tool developed by ERA consulting Group allows rapid transfer of your master data to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Using the user guide, follow the steps for data migration. The Acomba Data Migration application makes it possible to import the following data types: accounts, customers, suppliers and items.

Why Choosing Era?

For more than 15 years, Era has been much more than an ERP provider. We act as a partner in the success of customers. We excel in ERP implementations and we master support, advisement, and coaching. We’re there for you.

With more than a hundred clients in Canada and the rest of the world, Groupe conseil Era has acquired undeniable expertise thanks to a team of seasoned experts.

Discover the Solution Suited for your Industry


From buying and selling to inventory and manufacturing/assembly line management, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete solution for the manufacturing industry. Manage manufacturing, maintenance and quality from a central solution.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers an in-depth management solution for the service industry. Manage your resources, contracts, projects, purchasing, finances, subcontractors, and performance from a single platform.


Thanks to its multiple functionalities (Sales, Purchasing, Inventories, Manufacturing / Assembly, Finance), Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete solution that provides a complete overview of the operations related to the distribution field.