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It is with a background of more than 30 years of business expertise that NetSuite offers pre-configured solutions specially developed by industry. Since each solution is designed and configured for a particular area of business, installation, training and user adoption is greatly facilitated.

Used by more than 40,000 companies around the world, the NetSuite solution supports distribution, manufacturing, service and retail businesses processes, offering full functionality including e-commerce. NetSuite offers you a single system, evolving with your company needs, to manage all your departments.

Discover NetSuite, the simplicity of a personalized, ready-to-use cloud solution.

Quick and remote installation

NetSuite can be available to any business in just 3 months, compared to 6 to 12 months for a traditional ERP implementation. In addition, this solution can be installed entirely remotely, upon your needs.

Thanks to its preconfigured option, NetSuite implementation is fast, with less testing requirements.

This makes NetSuite a lower cost and and affordable solution

Low Resource-Intensive

The implementation of NetSuite requires the involvement of only a limited number of resources, whether human or material.
Each role is predefined and integrated into optimal processes, with the objectives of efficiency, ease and speed.

The Ascent by Level

The NetSuite solution distinguished itself by its phased deployment. Thus, users can easily adopt the new solution and assimilate the new functions before deploying more advanced modules.

NetSuite installation process

NetSuite at the Service of Business …

Intrinsic flexibility

NetSuite is a flexible solution that allows you to manage your growth, launching new divisions, buyout or change your business models simply and efficiently. NetSuite updates regularly, while keeping the integrality of your configurations and customizations.

Integrated E-commerce

Your integrated management system is now your electronic commerce platform, offering a customizable interface, specific to your market (s), offering a unique user experience!

Unified Business Intelligence

NetSuite offers real-time analysis tools. Every user knows immediately what they must accomplish to support the business with the help of precise and specific information enabling rapid decisions and actions in the dynamic environment we evolve.

… Whatever your Needs are …

Financial Management

Always keep an overview of your finances with financial reports and KPIs. With NetSuite, accounting, invoicing, planning or even consolidation has never been easier.

Order management

Link your sales, finances and operations departments to your orders. Reduce bottlenecks, order errors, delivery delays and their costs. Improve your efficiency and optimize your profits.

Project Management

Get a real-time overview of the status of all your projects and increase your ability to anticipate and react to changing project conditions. Optimally allocate your human and material resources.

Supply chain management

Foster collaboration throughout your supply chain, with all your stakeholders, be it a supplier, partner or distributor. Free yourself from the constraints of managing supply chains in several countries and continents, working in different time zones.


With Netsuite, improve the accuracy of your purchasing processes by giving your employees easy-to-use tools. Automate your purchasing processes and optimize your cash flow by facilitating the management of invoices and orders. Eliminate billing inaccuracies and late payments.

Inventory Management

Control all your inventory in and outs as well as your warehouses’, from a single software with real-time updates. Always have the right level of inventory in the right place to meet demand as quickly as possible.

Production management

With the use of data, plan and schedule your production even more precisely. NetSuite allows you to have a real-time view of each stage of production of your products. See your production costs go down by optimizing the quality of your products and their management.

… or Business Type

Some of NetSuite’s flagship pre-configuration business domains include: Manufacturing, Finance, Services, Food, Health Care, Non-Profit, Retail, Professional Services, IT Services, Distribution, etc. What is business industry?


Thanks to its multiple management functionalities like sales, pricing, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, finance, CRM, etc., NetSuite allows you to manage all of your operations from a single platform.


NetSuite is the ideal solution for service companies. Whether it is for project management, employee time and expense tracking, service billing, or business case analysis, unleash your full potential with NetSuite.


With its integrated e-commerce, sales management, and centralized order-taking modules, among others, NetSuite enables companies to efficiently manage sales, purchases and inventory for optimized distribution.

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Retail Business

With omnichannel management (web, mobile, store, call center etc.), points of sale, inventories and purchases, NetSuite gives you full control over your activities. NetSuite is a complete solution for all types of retail, including restaurants and clothing.

The Era Distinctive Advantages

For more than 15 years, Era Consulting Group acts as a partner rather than a simple supplier; not only limited to the implementation of ERPs but actively advising clients.

With more than a hundred customers in Canada and around the world, Era Consulting Group has acquired undeniable expertise, thanks to a team of seasoned experts.