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Take control over your business

Ayez accès à tous vos métriques. Ces derniers temps ont amené leurs lots de surprises. Vous avez rebondi et vous vous êtes adapté le plus rapidement possible. Bien entendu. Mais savez-vous...

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The power of Artificial Intelligence

L’intelligence artificielle au service de vos solutions d’affaires, pourquoi s’en priver ? Par Sébastien Fontaine, Architecte de solutions, Groupe conseil Era Cortana, Siri, Alexa… Nous avons tous à...

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Kruger – Case study

It was a strategic project for us. While we wanted an optimal solution, what was most important was delivering on time and within budget. Mission accomplished. Jean-François Bergeron,...

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Break down the silos

An Essential Piece of the Puzzle in this New Era. For the past few weeks, Quebecers have been teleworking. For some of us, the adaptation meant a lot of reorganization and efforts. It was a time to...

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Let’s encourage the local economy

Together, we can make a difference.Portait of Era: An active local businessBuying local is a growing trend in Quebec and very meaningful in these times of uncertainty. As individuals, we each own a...

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