Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a fully integrated application suite that combines configurability and functionality based on your specific business needs with proven, standardized technology. With JD Edwards, you are assured of a solution that will be perfectly suited to your specific business processes.

Industrial manufacturing


Consumer goods


Services and Projets


Asset Intensive




    • Sales
      • Advanced pricing
    • Procurement
      • Supplier rating
    • Inventory
    • Warehouse
    • Manufacturing
      • Process
      • Discrete
      • Repetitive
      • Engineering to order
    • Maintenance
    • Human resources and payroll

Reach new heights


JD Edwards, is an hybrid solution combining on premise solution integrated with Oracle cloud solutions bringing best of both world.

With a modern user interface and deep functionalities, Oracle JD Edwards is the best solution for multi-company and complex environnement.

Here is JD Edwards for 2019!

You want to find out how an abstract solution can become a concrete project…

Apply for a free simulation that allows you to view your configured processes in the JD Edwards solution.

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Oracle JD Edwards can manage every aspects of every business

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