Microsoft Dynamics 365 – LS Retail

The LS Retail solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps manage all aspects of the retail business, in omnichannel with in-store sales (POS), online sales and commercial sales. An integrated and centralized solution that allows the management of returns, purchases, inventory, assortment plan management, inbound and outbound transportation and complete warehousing management.


LS Retail is a global developer and supplier of all-in-one business management software based on Microsoft Dynamics technology. More than 2000 companies with over 40,000 stores use 100,000 sales terminals around the world and rely on LS Retail’s technology.


LS Retail offers tailored solutions for these industries:

  • Fashion et accessories
  • Leisure
  • Duty Free
  • Pharmacy
  • Electronic
  • Furniture
  • Groceries
  • Pet shop
  • Gas Stations
  • Restaurants



Apparel and Footwear

Apparel and Footwear


LS Retail

  • Offers a fully integrated, retail-specific solution that leverages multiple required features such as accounting, inventory management, featured reports, order management tools, and customer relationships.
  • One application is enough to cover the store from the head office to the shops: point-of-sale (POS) terminals, store systems, inventory, merchandising, financial management and all back office functions required for the head office. distinguish LS Retail from all other solutions on the market.
  • This high-quality solution is cost-effective and highly configurable, allowing retailers and sales professionals to optimize their business practices.
  • The customer experience is highlighted, which increases revenue, improves the presentation of items for sale to facilitate and accelerate the selection and purchase on-site or online.


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