April 7, 20200

The manufacturing sector is an essential economic vector in many countries and workers who often work in the shadows. With the Coronavirus crisis, return to reality should take few weeks to months, return to work will be gradual.

But how to restart the production floor in this context. Some of our clients have the idea of creating several shifts and thus spread operations over 24 hours and others look at the possibility of automated part of the production line, but one thing is clear, at the start, the teams will be reduced to the maximum, the workers at risk will have to stay at home, hygiene measures will be increased, and communication with employees will have to be regular.

At ERA Consulting Group, we have been implementing ERP management systems for more than 15 years. These tools integrate the management of all the company’s resources and departments. We have solutions to manage human, financial and material resource planning and effectively organize all the work to be done, to effectively lead teams to the floor through performance indicators based on production standards and to control costs and hours worked in order to predict the profitability of operations. ERP solutions provide the flexibility and integration needed to cope with the constraints of progressive return to work and the structure needed to ride on the potential growth generated by a potentially different market.

We have supported more than 100 companies in their implementation projects, more than 60% of them in the manufacturing sector. Contact one of our advisors to discuss your challenges and ambitions and be ready to manage through a new ERA!

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April 3, 20200

With the measures announced by the every government to limit the spread of Coronavirus, the reality of many companies has changed.

For some it is a significant setback, for others it is an opportunity to establish new ways of doing things, to conquer new markets.

Although some companies had already adopted telework for some of their employees, very few had established this approach for all of them.

After a few weeks, we begin to see the benefits of these new working conditions.

• Employees are spending less time in traffic
• They are less stressed
• Sleeping better
• Becoming more productive
• They enjoy a better quality of life

We also realize that’s now as easy to build relationships with people all near us or anywhere on the planet.

However, for telework to become really efficient, plan and control must be put in place to ensure that each employee knows what they need to accomplish, when and with whom.

The ERA consulting group has been implementing ERP management solutions for more than 15 years.

ERP systems allows to:

• Plan all human, financial and material resources
• Organize the various tasks to optimize their achievements
• Directing resources to effective achievement
• Control results of interactions

An ERP allows you to plan tasks over standard times and orchestrate them, then record real time spent per employee per task and measure gaps.

Management monitoring gaps apply action to optimize work and increase efficiency.

Your employees can therefore work independently or in relation with other resources while being bound by the processes to accomplish.

In this new telework ERA, let us help you organize your activities and get every operation to perform more efficiently.

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April 2, 20200

To help companies affected directly or indirectly by the Coronavirus, Microsoft is offering Office 365 for FREE for 6 months.

Get your people up and running fast and easy!.

This offer includes:

*            Web-based Microsoft Office

*            Teams, Yammer and Planner for employee collaboration

*            Exchange and email

*            Sharepoint and OneDrive for document management

The offer is for companies with 1 to 1000 employees who are not currently subscribing to Office 365. Office desktop apps not included



Office on tablets and phones

Get web versions of Office apps on iOS, Android, and Windows devices3 with screen sizes of 10.1” or less. Each user can install Office mobile apps on 5 tablets and 5 phones. Office desktop apps not included.


Email and calendars

User business-class email through a rich and familiar Outlook experience you can access from your desktop or from a web browser. Get a 50GB mailbox per user and send attachments up to 150MB.


Hub for teamwork

Connect your teams with Microsoft Teams in Office 365, where chat, content, people, and tools live together. Use Teams to plan schedules, assign tasks, and connect to other apps and resources.

Learn more



Workflow automation

Build automated workflows between apps and services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more with Microsoft Flow, no coding required.

Learn more



Online Meetings

Host online meetings with audio, HD video, and web conferencing. Broadcast meetings online for up to 10,000 people who can join with just a browser on almost any device.

Learn more



Professional digital storytelling

With Sway you can easily create engaging, interactive web-based reports, presentation, newsletters, trainings, and more, right from your phone, tablet, or browser.

Learn more



File storage and sharing

OneDrive for Business gives each user 1 TB of personal cloud storage that can be accessed from anywhere, on any device. Easily share documents with others inside and outside your organization and control who can see and edit each file.

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Enterprise video service

Use Microsoft Stream to easily create, manage, and share videos securely across your organization.

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April 2, 20190

ERA Consulting Group will be present at the 2nd edition of the Transformation 4.0

Come meet our experts at booth #729

We are very pleased to present you #ascensionpartner4.0

Whether you are preparing for an expedition to climb mount Everest or planning to speerhead your industry, you’ll need a solid plan and the best tools to get there.

For 15 years, we have been supporting small, medium and large businesses in Quebec in their digital transformation. We have the chance to make a real difference with successful 4.0 transformations  and with their ascension to the top, this is our mission!

For many companies, deploying an enterprise management system (ERP) is one of the most important if not the most important project undertaken by the management team.

As our president, Mr. Benoit Gagnon, points out, “the systems are more and more complete, the technology is evolving but the company remains at the heart of our concerns.”

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Learn more about Transformation 4.0 with ERA Consulting Group  here.

March 13, 20190

A successful ERP implementation will positively impact your company’s growth, foster togetherness, accelerated processes and results to reach your optimal performance KPIs.

ERP brings people together, turns business concerns into new opportunities, ideas into realizations and ultimately realigns your company to reach new heights.

Some of you reading this post probably don’t realize it, but an integrated ERP is an integral part of a business’ core, everyday function. We’ve been there for our clients when they made a new acquisition and needed to upgrade to a more performing and integrated ERP system. We were there when one of our clients faced labour shortages and struggled to meet deadlines of its booming business and implemented an ERP system that streamlined processes eliminating the need for additional labour, provided real time updates on order changes accessible on all platforms.  We were there to advise one of our clients when they needed a system that was integrated “on-premise” with cloud capabilities, that was scalable and able to grow as the business’ operations grew. A lot of booming companies today, rely on an integrated ERP system to be their right hand when going up against their industry’s top competition. In fact, just have a look at how to conduct your daily communications/transactions with your clients, suppliers and colleagues…

But what do you when ERP implantations don’t go as planned? What can you do to avoid the most common ERP implementation mistakes that lead to failed ERP implementations?

Resistance to change

  • When the project manager underestimates the efforts required and due to human nature, the staff is reluctant to change


  • The integrator will put in place a change management plan, will propose an action plan adapted to the client’s needs.
  • The client will be more receptive to observing the efforts required for the successful ERP implantation for a business with 100 employees and more

Underestimated impact on the organisation as a whole

Often times, the clients will expect for the integration team to replicate the same processes they currently have in place with the new ERP system to be implemented. This is the first sign of a mis-communication between the integrator and the client. They must demonstrate to the client how the selected ERP solution with meat their growing business needs.


  • The integrator is to set up a workshop to analyse the client’s business needs in order to determin the proper solution to match their expectations.
  • The integrator will then propose a detailed proposal that will reflect its understand of the client’s needs and available ressources and pre-requisites. This will allow the client to review the proposal and make any changes they see fit before committing to the new ERP implementation.

Availibility of staff affected to this project

  • If the implementation strategy requires effort from an internal team, their availibility is crucial to a successful implementation.


  • It is important to have Human Resources involved in the apointment of staff dedicated to the implementation project and to have a clear understanding of the time and effor required from the affected staff.

Avoid modifying the proposed ERP system

  • The integrator will propose the solution that best fits the clients’ needs. When the clients make adjustements to the proposed solution with add-ons and upgrades, they can become more complex, costly and risky and this may increase the risks of failed ERP implementation.


  • It  is important that the client recognizes the role of the integrator in their ERP implementation process, which is to  advise them with the best solution to match their business needs. The integrator will propose a solution aligned with their business needs with the less add-ons as possible in order to maximise profitability, efficiency and productivity. This process is done with an open communication and exchange between the client and the integrator.

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ERA Consulting Group has been celebrating 15 years of assisting business growth with Montreal based businesses. Discover more about our realisations and how we can hep your business reach new heights.

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March 5, 20190

Innovation is a source of wealth in businesses.

Creating a team responsible for managing innovation within the company to gather feedback and criticism from users, customers and partners can lead to inestimable benefits. In order to optimize performance, profitability and productivity, the team will propose and develop solutions to analyze and respond to growing company pains. Companies that incorporate the importance and necessity of innovation remain more competitive and will ensure their survival.

But how can businesses cultivate this source of wealth?

1. A competitive and positive spirit

Organizing a friendly corporate competition such as an innovation awards ceremony. Participants organize themselves to work in teams or solo to produce a prototype to answer a certain problem while respecting the principles and directives established by the Innovation Team.

2. Counting on customers

The inclusion of customers in the enterprise innovation campaign is essential to adapting its’ processes and to remain at the forefront and to better meet their expectations. The voice of the customers becomes more and more important. By allowing customers to share their ideas, comments, the innovation management team will be inspired to create new products and processes tailored to meet these demands.

3. Dull processes

Declining demand / sales, rising complaints and loss of time and money, labor shortages are just some examples of business innovation needs indicators, but outdated processes and systems are the most apparent. Process innovation can meet a variety of business needs in one single implementation.

4. Skip the hierarchy when it comes time to innovation

Companies that encourage team members to express a need or innovative idea, regardless of their position or tasks, foster a sense of belonging and encourage team spirit. In search of ideas for innovation, all the ideas are good and your CEO will thank you for your contribution.

Discover one of our customers who’s been innovating since 1987, BIOMOD 

At ERA Consulting Group, we are celebrating 15 years of innovation and service to renowned and local companies. Find out more about our achievements over the past 15 years and your company’s full growth potential with us.

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February 25, 20190

(Updates) LS Central 13.03 and the importance of cybersecurity for e-commerce and in-person transactions

Cybersecurity is one of the first concerns of e-commerce. Without proper regulations put in place, online retailers expose themselves and their customers to the risk of fraud.

From small and medium-sized businesses to large companies, all can suffer significant damage to brand reputation and customer experience when transaction security is compromised.

The extent of the damage is felt in the number of clients affected, the width of the operation, the hours spent on recovery, the financial losses, and more.

Having the right tools in place will minimize and prevent the threat of fraud and instill customer confidence.

Discover the new features of LS Central 13.03 and how they complement cyber security.

New features:

1. Safer transactions with the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) feature.

  • For the LS Central POS, improved electronic transactions include provisions for tips, cash back, and increased data storage for all instances (EFT).
  • For mobile POS, there is a new EFT plug-in, AltaPay PAX A920.

2. An enhanced search function for the mobile inventory app that provides search results that best match the searched keywords. This produces more specific results for the staff, which allows them to sell more inventory and faster.

To learn more about how the LS Retail software  can help you meet your expectations as a retailer, contact us at info@group-era.com.

You will get a personalized session focused on LS Retail, we will present the technical side with a practical approachto meet your business needs. We will answer your questions about the latest retail trends and introduce an innovative technology.

Learn more about LS  Retail

Discover your business’ full growth potential with LS Retail.

These are just a few examples of improvements to the LS Retail family to optimize the retail processes. Find out how to stay ahead of these changes and stay ahead of your biggest competitor with the LS Retail methodology.

It is an ERP solution that can be deployed either on premise, cloud or hybrid (cloud and on premise), designed to meet the growing needs of your company, and implemented by ERA Consulting Group.

Contact us to get a free simulation and see your processes optimized in the Microsoft Dynamics LS Retail application at the following address: info@group-era.com or by clicking here.


February 19, 20190

How are consumer emotions and expectations affecting retailers in 2019

Are you seeing a drastic drop in consumer engagement with your brand and products? Would you like to join the ranks of Amazon and Apple products in customer loyalty and engagement?

  1. How emotional are your processes?

As we continue to evolve in a multi-channel world, customers will increasingly shape and dominate our business processes as they can buy from anywhere and at any time and are looking for a more personalized experience that match their preferences.

How can an integrated ERP solution provide the emotional experience your customer is searching for?

An integrated system with intuitive, functional, scalable capabilities can help you personalize the customer experience with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Some retailers are already joining the bandwagon and adopting new ways of doing business using fully integrated ERP systems providing them with new ways of acquiring products, customer retention, upsell opportunities and more.

2. How are you meeting customer expectations in the purchase life cycle?

Are you manually forecasting inventory replenishment orders using Excel sheets, or manually inputting products in the POS system under the miscellaneous tab? On your website, is the quantity of products available updated in real-time as the items are being checked out and purchased?

How can an integrated ERP solution connect customers with real time with up to date inventory and package delivery updates?

Thanks to unified multi-platform capabilities, consumers can see real-time, up to date inventory across all channels. Redesigning the store’s physical layout and design can revamp the look and feel of the physical store but upgrading the backbone of the business resources management system and processes will provide a ripple effect in the company’s performance as a whole.

Learn more about NetSuite

Get a free simulation of your processes

These are just a few of the growing consumer trends changing the business process landscape. Discover how to stay ahead of these changes and remain ahead of your top competitor with NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess methodology.

It is a fully integrated ERP cloud solution fit to match your growing business needs implemented by ERA Consulting Group.

Contact us for free simulation of your processes optimized in NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess at info@group-era.com.