Industry 4.0

Now that your ERP system is in place and you have control over all of your operations, you are ready to build on this tool and optimize its resources.



Every day, your ERP system trades an impressive amount of data. Use efficient reporting tools to analyze this data and improve your organizational performance. Through the management of variances, the management of exceptions becomes the key to this improvement. Target the positive variances to reproduce a efficient action and analyze the negative variances to ensure that you do not reproduce an error. There are several types of reporting and analysis tools. We can help you choose the best one for your needs.


Artificial intelligence allows the management system to learn through trends. An example of an AI built for sales forecast would allow us to go beyond the historical forecast using the analysis capabilities of the software to learn the characteristics of certain photos (eg the Color of a vest) to then connect to a data warehouse (the Big data) to bring out the% of sales related to this feature and thus apply it to the forecast of sales. Artificial intelligence can be applied to all logical on any  ERP systems.



Today the Workflow processes goes beyond the approval processe. It is possible to link multiple applications and make them interact with each other. So a key word on Facebook or linkedin would generate an action in a CRM software. Creating a CRM contact could generate a client in an ERP system. Exceeding a credit limit in the ERP system can generate an email to the customer or communicate directly with their management system.


The Internet of Things allows the linkage of several systems or machines. Appliances are increasingly equipped with a link the ability to notify in certain situations. For example a washer that would generate requirement to buy soap or a printer that would generate ink requirement at a certain level. We can think of machines moving goods in warehouses or assets to notify when maintenance is required. The Internet of thinks applies to all type of industry and all type of ERP systems.



Optimize your investment, deploy the advanced features specific to your domain.

Contact us about your project and our consultants will help you to make this project a differentiator from your competition.

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