ERP Implementation

ERA consulting group implement ERP systems since 2004.  We implement Oracle JD Edwards and Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and LS Retail ERPs.

Since every business are different and similar business could target different objectives, ERA is proposing 2 different implementation approach based on your needs. In some case, combining the 2 approach can also be done. Since every project is unique, we strongly suggest we discussed the best fit for your project.


Traditionnal Implementation

The traditional implementation approach allows a complete transfer of knowledge, not only on the usage of the system but also on its configuration. Even though it implicates your employees more intensely, after the implantation, they will have mastered the tool.

Much like building a house, the traditional approach starts with the analysis of the needs and the establishment of a construction/implantation plan (Analysis)

The system is then configurated according to specifications (Configuration)

Each specific configuration is tested to ensure that all operational scenarios are covered. (Unit tests)

Then the different modules are tested in collaborations (Integrated tests).

Finally, the solution is ready, the users are trained, and the system is launched.

A typical traditional implementation project takes place over a period of 6 to 12 months and involves 4-6 expert users of your business from 20-30 hours per week.

The traditional implementation approach allows you to configurate a system according to your needs.

Since the implementation takes place over several months, this approach allows a better understanding of all functions but also a better control of the configuration of said functions. This results in better costumer autonomy and a perfectly adapted solution.

Rapid Implementation

The express approach normally requires only one third of the required efforts of your company’s employees. It enables rapid deployment based on the best practices built in ERP systems. Unlike the traditional approach, your employees are not involved in the system’s configuration, they are trained to use it. The configuration and tests are done by our team. This approach is fully based on best practice and all customizations are not recommended.

The Express approach is a bit like buying a house that is already designed vs the traditional approach of where you need to draw plans, produce sketches, modify and approve until satisfaction. This approach allow you quick access to convincing results.

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