An ERP for the Distribution Industry

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Thanks to a strong notoriety in ERP implementation in the distribution industry in various fields such as sports, toys, finish wood, tools, wiring, household appliances, pharmaceuticals, clothing and food, the Era Consulting Group has the business expertise and in-depth knowledge of the functionalities available to make your distribution management project a success across the board.

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Features in Distribution Industry

In addition to basic functionalities, Era offers and supports the following products in order to complete all the requirements specific to the field of distribution:


Insight Work WMDM

To manage inventory movements by barcode



Quality management in manufacturing and receiving, measurement of quality and quantities with tolerance fields



Management of inbound transport, shipping port, transport, customs

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Expense Accounts Management

The expense account management module allows you to track the expenses of employees, on the road or at the office. The system allows cash and credit card purchases management as well as corporate accounts reimbursement and accounting. With this module, reduce inaccuracies and save time at the end of the month.


Acomba Data Migration Tool

The data import tool developed by ERA consulting Group allows rapid transfer of your master data to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Using the user guide, follow the steps for data migration. The Acomba Data Migration application makes it possible to import the following data types: accounts, customers, suppliers and items.

Management of Inbound Transport, Shipping Port, Transport, and Customs.

  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Inventories
    • Reception
    • Shipping
    • Pick-ups
    • Plating
    • Traceability (serial number and batch number)
  • Manufacturing and/or assembly
  • Finance
    • Cost price
industry distribution ERP solutions microsoft business centralindustry distribution ERP solutions microsoft business central

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Since 2004, Era Consulting Group has seriously taken the role of partner of its customer rather than just being a simple supplier; not only limiting himself to the ERP implementation but also actively advising and supporting customers through growth.