Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One

The ERP for Large Businesses 

Innovate in the Business Reality of Today’s Economy 

Perfectly adapted to the processes and complexity of large companies and allowing you to get the best of technology hosted on-premiss integrated with specialized cloud applications. 

Oracle’s JD Edwards software offers a modern, streamlined user experience. An innovative approach, integrated with digital technologies, that will increase your productivity and allow your business to work smarter and faster, and ultimately, to do more. 

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JD Edwards Entreprise one TechnologyJD Edwards Entreprise one Technology

Proven ERP Technology

Meet Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One, the advanced, integrated system that combines in-depth features required by your specific industry with proven, standardized technology. With JD Edwards, you are assured of a solution that will be perfectly suited to your specific business processes.

A Flexible ERP Solution

JD Edwards is a hybrid software that will adapt to your needs. Thanks to Oracle expertise, get the best of technology hosted on-premiss integrated with specialized cloud applications. Discover a modern interface, in-depth features and effective analysis tools.

ERP solution flexible JD EdwardsERP solution flexible JD Edwards

Discover Our ERP Customized Applications Suiting Your Needs

Are you visionning an ERP applications that meet your needs but is not available on the market yet? The team of experts at Era Consulting Group is here for you! Share your business requirements with us.


Expense Accounts Management

The module allows the expenses' tracking of employees, on the road or at the office. The system allows cash and credit card purchases management as well as corporate accounts reimbursement and accounting. This increases the accuracy and saves time at the end of the month.

Equipment Maintenance Management

The application allows you to see in real-time all maintenance operations. Workflow configuration, scalable security, very intuitive interface for all teams, real-time integration to your ERP, and dynamic operation configurator. Compatible with all devices with internet browsers.

Warehouse Management System - EWMS

Our custom application eases and optimizes the work of your warehouse staff. It seamlessly integrates with the business rules of your ERP in real-time, offering a simplified user experience for all users. It is customizable to meet your specific needs.

JD Edwards Areas of Expertise 

Production industrielle

Industrial Production

As industrial production companies are constantly challenged to optimize their operational activities, reduce costs, and increase their market share, JD Edwards offers a solution made for SMEs and international companies to manage finance, distribution, and operation altogether. 



JD Edwards is a proven solution for professional service providers and project-based businesses. The modules offer multiple functionalities in financial management, project management, engineering, human resources management, services and contract management, and much more. 

Bien de consommation

Consumer good

Manage profitability by item with an ever-expanding product portfolio. Keep traceability on your products and suppliers. Increase product quality. Keep a clear vision on your entrepreneurial efficiency and profitability. 


ERP Features

Financial Management

Simplify your business financial management and improve the accuracy of your financial reports. Manage your accounts receivable, payables and other expenses from a single platform, allowing you to see your financial situation in real time.

Project Management

With JD Edwards, manage all your projects from a single platform. Manage your resources, human and material, to assign them to the right project. Always keep an eye on project costs, your invoicing or your contracts, improve your profitability and optimize the execution and rendering of your projects.


Simplify your procurement processes. Control your costs by choosing the best suppliers for your organization. Manage your contracts, the accuracy of the information provided and limit the risks associated with suppliers.

Manufacturing Management

With JD Edwards, optimize your manufacturing processes to use your resources efficiently while providing quality products at the best possible price. Integrate checkpoints to make sure your products meet your quality standards and let your system provide you with recommendations to become even more efficient. 

Supply chain

Gain agility and flexibility by controlling all stages of your supply chain. Manage your stocks and the lifespan of your products to never face stock shortages. Monitor the manufacture and maintenance of your products to ensure optimal quality. 

Customer Relationship Management

With JD Edwards CRM, allow your sales teams to always have access to all customers data, on a single platform, in real time. Give your customers even more personalized service with advanced pricing and a customer self-service system. 

Human Ressources Management 

Improve your human resources management to reduce administrative tasks. Get a simple and efficient payroll service to reduce processing time. Integrate a time management system to allow your employees to create simple, real-time invoices and control the cost of your projects even more precisely. 

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