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At Era Consulting Group, we develop customized applications to integrate with your ERP and optimize your business procedures. Our team strives to improve your company's flexibility, productivity, and competitiveness  through customized applications development. You have a  business application in mind. We can make it a reality. Let Era Consulting Group be your preferred partner.


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The ERP Custom Development Team

Our team of skilled professionals will help you implement personalized solutions through advanced technologies that easily integrate with your ERP. Consisting of solution architects, functional analysts, UX/UI specialists, developers, testers, and project managers, our team will work closely with your business. Renowned technologies like Azure, Angular, and Power Platform guarantee a seamless experience.

Discover Our ERP Customized Applications Suiting Your Needs

Are you visionning an ERP applications that meet your needs but is not available on the market yet? The team of experts at Era Consulting Group is here for you! Share your business requirements with us.

Expense Accounts Management

The module allows the  expenses' tracking of employees, on the road or at the office. The system allows cash and credit card purchases management as well as corporate accounts reimbursement and accounting. This increases the accuracy and saves time at the end of the month.

Acomba Migration Tool

The tool allows rapid transfer of your master data to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Using the user guide, follow the steps for data migration. The Acomba Data Migration application makes it possible to import the following data types: accounts, customers, suppliers and items.

Equipment Maintenance Management

The application allows you to see in real-time all maintenance operations. Workflow configuration, scalable security, very intuitive interface for all teams, real-time integration to your ERP, and dynamic operation configurator. Compatible with all devices with internet browsers.

Warehouse Management System - EWMS

Our custom application eases and optimizes the work of your warehouse staff. It seamlessly integrates with the business rules of your ERP in real-time, offering a simplified user experience for all users. It is customizable to meet your specific needs.

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Power Platform: Customizable Tool for Your Business

Through Microsoft Power Platform, you can easily create, automate, analyze, and manage workflows. Its "low-code" development approach simplifies app creation by seamlessly integrating data and giving you greater autonomy. You can now leverage solutions like Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents. Era Consulting Group can also provide customized Power Platform solutions, services, and training for your business.


Success Stories

We are proud to work in partnership with more than 200 customers and to contribute to their growth in Canada and around the world.

At Station 22, we have been creating the trendiest beverages to suit all tastes for more than 100 years, and we are involved in every step of the production process. The beverage industry is constantly evolving and so are we. Our transaction volumes are significant, and warehouse management is a key element of our success.

We have entrusted our ERP partner, Era Consulting Group, to develop a custom application for us, to manage goods receiving and inventory, meeting our high productivity standards.

Thanks to an analysis of our specific needs and exceptional collaboration, the development team has successfully created an application that is simple, intuituve, and quick to implement. The use of the application on our scanners has greatly simplified the life of our employees. Real-time data integration with our ERP has improved our visibility across all our stocks and, consequently, our operations, manufacturing, and distribution.’’


Valérie Custeau

IT Director

Station 22

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Since 2004, Era Consulting Group has seriously taken the role of partner of its customer rather than just being a simple supplier; not only limiting himself to the ERP implementation but also actively advising and supporting customers through growth.