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Ever-growing portfolios, ever more complex delivery chains, high quality requirements and strong pressure on prices from customers: so many challenges that have a vertical impact on companies active in the field of goods. The need to keep a clear and continuous view of profitability per item, combined with multiple other aspects relating to safety and traceability, also play a key role. JD Edwards is putting these companies one step ahead.  

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Our set of solid and comprehensive solutions is a strong asset to manage these fundamental stakes, increase efficiency and profitability while complying with the laws and regulations in force, for both distributors and producers.

Companies operating in the commodities sector face many challenges in today’s highly competitive market. A good understanding of market positions, contracts, currencies, and operational risk (both in terms of control and process), as well as compliance with applicable laws and regulations are all crucial elements to commercial activities. Discover the benefits of using the Commodity Trading & Risk Management (CTRM) solution from JD Edwards.

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